Sunday, December 26, 2004

ond eay at t aime

The economic war on the home front has no REAL fear. I thought long and hard about the option of the military. I wanted to apply my skills to the benefit of the country and my family. Now My sis has been hurt and I push millions in cash every day while receiving pennies myself. I hate advertising so much but I do it for the cause (or is it the cash). I am lost?? I rarely talk to my family but I love them so much. I fell in love with a Floridian girl while in college and plan to ask to marry her this Feb. The fear of commitment is all but there. Can I be lost in love?? I have created a haven for myself and for my loves. I would be honored if my sis (My multi-accent psychotic Hero) came down and spent a week or two in Orlando, FL. But fail to ask cause of my lack of consistent communication. I am very happy of my position in life but I am ashamed that I am not there for my loved ones. I am all day in my darkness glowing I the light of work and keeping my mind busy thinking of anything but.
Am I a coward??


Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.

to my bro and sis
you will be hero's in my eyes and the eyes of my children